Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship
FMW Junior
Promotion(s) El Dorado
Date Established August 26, 2007
Date Retired December 15, 2008

The Independent Junior Heavyweight Championship is a championship that is being defended in various independent promotions in Japan. The title was originally created by Frontier Martial-Arts Wrestling as the FMW Independent World Junior Heavyweight Championship. It stayed with FMW from its creation in 1993 to mid-1999, when FMW dropped the title. Even with the belt being dropped by FMW, the original title belt is still used, which bears the "FMW" name on it.

Title History

# Wrestler Reign Date Location Length Notes
1 Kota Ibushi 1 August 26, 2007 Tokyo, Japan 349 Days Defeated Madoka in a decision match.
1 Madoka 1 August 9, 2008 Chiba, Japan 36 Days
1 Mokoto Oishi 1 September 14, 2008 Tokyo, Japan 374 Days

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