NWA International Light Heavyweight Championship
Promotion(s) Toryumon Japan
Toryumon 2000 Project
Date Established March 3, 2002
Date Retired May 6, 2003

The NWA International Light Heavyweight Championship was a Championship that was promoted by Toryumon 2000 Project (T2P) promotion. Although having the "NWA" initials, it was not officially sanctioned by the National Wrestling Alliance. T2P closed a month after CIMA won the title, so CIMA took the title to Toryumon Japan but never defended it. The title was later abandoned when CIMA won the Ultimo Dragon Gym Championship.

Title history

Wrestler: Reigns: Date: Place: Notes:
Milano Collection AT 1 March 3, 2002 Tokyo, Japan Defeated Masato Yoshino in the T2P Strongest League Finals to become the first champion.
CIMA 1 December 26, 2002 Tokyo, Japan
Vacated on May 6, 2003 after winning the Ultimo Dragon Gym Championship.


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