UWA World Tag Team Championship
Promotion(s) El Dorado
Kohaku Wrestling Wars
Michinoku Pro Wrestling
Date Established Junuary 1, 2008
Date Retired December 3, 2008

The UWA World Tag Team Championship was a championship created by the Mexican Universal Wrestling Association (UWA) and defended there until the UWA closed in 1995. After the UWA's closing, the title was inactive until 2008, when El Dorado revived the title. On March 26, 2008, Kagetora and Kota Ibushi won the title in Tokyo, Japan at El Dorado's Eye of the Treasure event, defeating MAZADA and NOSAWA. It has since been defended in several promotions, including Kohaku Wrestling Wars, Michinoku Pro Wrestling.

Title History

# Team Reign Date Length Location Notes
1 MAZADA and NOSAWA 1 2006 Unknown Tokyo, Japan
2 Kagetora and Kota Ibushi 1 March 26, 2008 223 Days Tokyo, Japan
Vacated November 14, 2008 Vacated due to Ibushi's injury Hell Warriors: Animal & Power Warrior defeated Damian 666 & Terrible on May 11, 2008 in Mexico City to be recognized by a former official of the UWA.
3 Tsutomu Oosugi and Hercules Oosenga 1 March 26, 2008 8 Days Tokyo, Japan Defeated Jumping Kid Okimoto and Kagetora at Face Busta Vol. 12 in a decision match.
4 Brahman Kei and Brahman Shu 1 December 3, 2008 497 Days Tokyo, Japan

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